Car Bomb
Screen Print
15” x 22”

In Car Bomb, the overlaid pattern is a 13th Century Islamic mosaic design. The pattern consists of intersecting lines that create a series of twelve-pointed stars along with other geometric shapes to form a complex web. The pattern is superimposed above two newspaper clippings that have been simplified and converted into silhouettes. The first is a group of white figures running out from the center of the composition. Above these figures is an aerial map of Baghdad outlining parts of the city that are controlled by different security groups such as the U.S. military, Iraqi security forces, Sunni militias and others. This work explores ideas about our understanding of an image through collective memory, cultural symbols and our subjective interpretation and translation of mediated and political images. More importantly I am interested in how the pattern also becomes political. Within a domestic realm a decorative pattern deals with the expected. The repeat is mathematical, it is calculated with specific results in mind that deal with space, comfort and desire. When the pattern is politicized it deals with the unexpected, discomfort, threat and uncertainty.